I made this logo today at work while I had free time. I'm pretty happy about it! I love all kinds of heavy metal band logos so I just had to do one of my own...

Hard to read ? ? ?


Nini Martini

Hey hey hey! Long time no see. Oops...

Here's a logo I made for my friend Nini. We got a project going on together at the moment. Exposition coming soon... I haven't made much stuff with anyone before, I mean I always do things by my self and stick with only what I want so It will be interesting mixing different kinds of styles and doing compromises. Can't wait what we will end up creating together!


pimp my sirena

This little mermaid was found on the street a while ago. Now that it's in my kitchen she had to have some decency to put some clothes on! I'm still planning on drawing on it, we'll see...