I got a new job a month ago and I'm on my first vacation and it is sweeeeeet.


apple of my... bling

I'm going to write this here so there's no way out of it:

I promise to update this more often now, creativity flow must continue!!!
You lazy girl....

I just finished this apple bling and I'm deeply in love with it. Might not sell untill I make more of these!


Live painting in Cafe Marula

I was part of the Wild Style event last weekend in Cafe Marula, Barcelona.
 Referring to the epic hip-hop movie "WILD STYLE" (by Charlie Ahearn), this evening was dedicated to black beat addicts and people who like to get their groove on. Apart from really really good DJ's, there was some serious dancing business going on let me tell you... 
And the last but not the least, there was me taking care of the visual treat of the night: live art performance, or what ever you wanna call it. I got a huge canvas and a bunch of my favourite markers from the sponsor of the party and with all that I created a painting in the middle of the party.

I had never done anything like that before so as an experience I wouldn't say it was good or bad but very interesting. I was really pleased how many people were curious and came to talk to me and give their feedback about my work, but on the downside there were a few drunk ass holes and not so much light. I also chose a little bit too complicated subject and couldn't finish in time, so I'm not posting a better picture of the painting yet.
 Was funny to experience doing something in a hectic space in front of alot of people, that I'm normally used to doing in a calm place alone.

I'll be participating to a similar event next sunday, but this time painting something together with my boyfriend.

pictures from HERE (except the last one, I don't own the rights to the wild style picture)


menu del dia: eye of the tiger

I used to always go to this one chinese restaurant in front of my house.
 Always when you had to pay for your food, they gave you this really tacky chinese calendar to take with you. At one point I had so many at home that I had to do something useful with them, so there you go, chinese restaurant inspired painted calendar!
shit's trippy!!!!!!