Perus skateboard designs

So I got some news a while ago that my designs were used in the new Perus products. Even tho the wheels have the same design now than my jewelry logo, it's not really a problem, I can change it any day. 
Soooooo stoked how they turned out!!!!

See the full catalog HERE



This bad boy took acid and went to a psychedelic safari.

(slightly unfinished in the picture buttttt what evs, poor thing is in the garbage now.)

mixed technique on paper 
30cm x 43cm


Ecuador streets

Here's some photography for a change! I haven't been taking pictures for a long time now. It's strange because before it was something so huge for me, I did it daily. Now I somehow just forgot about it... I like the idea of documenting my life, even when the pictures are not super artistic and amazing. I just feel the need of having memories. Ok I'm going to buy a new film tomorrow, I want to take pictures again!

I took these pictures few years back when I lived in Ecuador. I shot them on a road trip from a moving car. It seems there was somekind of school marathon going on that day...



Just started a new proyect for this one brand, more info later...
I've always liked to mix human and animal bodyparts soooo that's what I'm gonna do!

wasted smiley bracelets

already sold out the yellow ones! woop woop!


four dogs, an owl, a bunny and some random guy

Here's a couple of pics from an exposition from 2011. I feel like this style is quite far from what I do nowadays. I can't really call it abstract but my hands definitely moved more freely while my imagination was flying. Now I'm more into detail and slow process. Have to try some day if I can go back to that...


is this the shit? or is this the shit?

This is the latest jewelry I made. Tonight I sold a few of these in an event I organized to reach my clients before the new webshop era. Im gonna make this happen! New ones in the making...


Pimpire & his vamps

My friend found this piece of wood on the street. It had that shape of an egg in the middle with a carved crack in it, which I filled with the vampire. It's so weird that the crack in the egg made me think of that. The crack is exactly the size and shape of that vampire. That colourful spaghetti backround was hours and hours of killing time....
As you can see I have no idea where that painting is today. If it's not in the garbage, it might be in someones home. Hope someone can appreciate a hard work!

Posca on carved wood ~110cm x ~130cm



Just finished this blood drop necklace. I'm so in love with it I don't even wanna sell it! Meaning I have to make some MORE....


everybody's different (inspired by barcy people)

I like to draw on colourful paper sometimes. You can use what ever colours you want, leave some parts without color and the backround color will make everything fit together. Also black paper is great for boosting flashy colors.
I have an obsession not to leave any empty space on paper, but in this drawing it gets almost too crowded...

 ~60cm x ~85cm 
Posca marker on light purple cardboard



I fell in love with Posca markers long time ago and I can't let go. I almost don't use anything else to create things. I even paint my jewelry with it!
Sometimes these little fellas are givin my wallet a hard time but I can't stop giving them a good home that they need. They give me so much love 

(Suomessa oleville suosittelen Molotov merkkisiä tusseja, niitä on kai siellä helpommin saatavilla.)