Here's some doodle I made years ago at school. Doesn't the left one look exactly like Obama?!


Heart necklace

Just finished this little heart necklace. It's much more girly and simpler than the other stuff I've done so far, but I really like it. And much more stuff to come! Check my "studio" below...


Saras pics

My friend Sara took these pictures of me when I was drawing my eyball flowers.
She takes really really nice ones!

Check her tumblr site HERE.

And here the finished one.



All the characters in this mural are made of friends of mine aswell. 
Here's my friend Josue. 
(Only missing the doobie...)


Desert Saloon

A friend asked me to draw a saloon for a website. The first one is a sketch and the other one is the final version. Later on the idea was to put the website window in the square part under the 'open' sign, but it was too small and complicated. Also some items in the bar could have taken you to other places (blog/ shop/ about/ etc.) but unfortunately it wasn't very clear to me what I had been asked to do so it ended up to be just a backround for the site...


marker and pencil on paper 30 x 43 cm + few color changes on photoshop



Since I was a kid I've always lived in a colourful environment. My parents let me paint my walls in my room if I wanted. A childhood like mine must have affected my creativity in a fairly positive way. I don't understand why someone would rather have white dull walls when you can have color! Also why street art is something so prohibited and unwanted? Give people a break from the greyness in this world right?
 I just can't seem to keep my hands away from colouring up the space.
If I ever get kids I'm gonna let them paint paint paint!!!!

These pictures are taken in different places I've lived, except the ones with the pinball machine next to it. That was a friends place, a second home anyways. I painted all of these with a brush except that picture where I'm cleaning the wall. That one's more or less a stencil, or what ever you wanna call it... I started practicing with spraycans just a few years back. 
I'm glad to realize looking at these old pictures that I've developed loads with my techniques and as an artist.

Random tip: Don't paint a full room in blood red. It's pretty stressfull.


ready for the market

the pricetag is so rad!! I feel like a professional!! 


I made a logo for my jewelry! It still might need a bit of re touch but I need something to put in the pricetags for the market next saturday. The eyeball circle was originally a design for skateboard wheels but since it hasn't been used, it fits here perfectly!



Just finished a new bone collar. Someone ordered it as a christmas peresent for his wife. Stooooked. And more orders on the way... I'm slowly becoming some sort of business woman with this?! I'll have to start taking things seriously.
Hopefully I'll sell loads next saturday at the IKARA DIY MARKET in Barcelona.

I'm trying to get things going by starting a web shop as soon as possible. whoop whoop!



Matt Furie is an American illustration artist (he also makes cartoons for adults). He is one of my favourites! He's work has amazed me for a long time and given me a huge inspiration. We also use alot of similar elements in our work so for me it's extremely interesting to follow. I didn't see any drawing yet I didn't like. Monsters and animals with human personalities couldn't be more my thing...
Can you find a similarity between one of the pictures and the 'H' necklace on the following post?


Pictures from mattfurie.com