THIS IS THE BEGINNING (eyeball flower series)

This art project for a little coffee place has blown out of proportion in my head. I finished the first drawing yesterday and I'm already planning on contacting a much much bigger gallery to have a big party with guests drinking eyeball punch, staring at big eyeball flowers hanging from the roof. I know, I'm crazy... But I'm gonna try to make it happen.
I'm still working on the ideas for the next drawings but I'm gonna stick with the theme of life and death, yeah a bit of a clishe but I'm really starting to get into it. Plants and flowers too.

Here's the first drawing with some details of it. Like in a good restaurant, all the food comes to the table at the same time, so you'll be seeing more of this series when they're all ready. Enjoy! 

mixed technique on paper 30 x 43cm

Looks kinda nice in black n white too...



I found this blog the other day and I thought it was hilarious! Those primitive beavis and butthead-ish portraits are just brilliant. I don't know anything about her but it seems we share a similar sense of humour... It says here shes an animator.
Had to share!


sweet getaway

I went to Valencia (east coast of Spain) for a weekend a while ago. I felt that compared to Barcelona most of the talented artists on the streets stood up more. Didn't find out about the laws there but seemed like in every corner there was stuff that had taken a good while to make. Apart from graffiti there was all kinds of art creations and interesting things for the eye... 

Asterix magic potion farmacy!!!!

eyeball flowers

My boyfriend brought home this flower painting from the street. One day I gave it a new look with adding some brighter colors and eyeballs in the middle of the flowers. I thought the result was kind of funny so I started a new series of drawings that I'm gonna expose in one cute little coffee place here in Barcelona. Since my style is a bit harsh I wanted to soften it a little with the theme of flowers and light colors, for the pictures to fit in more to the coffee place.

And heres a sneak peek of the first drawing I made.



When I was younger my absolute favourite subject to draw were beautiful women. For me it was like playing with barbies but better; I could create a character of my own with the look and the clothes I wanted. 
I don't draw women so much anymore but when I feel like it, I like to look for inspiration in 60's and 70's fashion pictures (old pin up photos too). For me that time is extremely interesting fashion and photography wise. Looking at these pictures just makes you wanna go back in time and stay.


burn after reading

unfinished, 40cm X 30cm

Few different people who didn't even know each other asked me if that was a portrait of a friend of mine (who is a beautiful girl). Well no, it isn't. It's a half dead lurker reading a burning book. Can't you see?