I was asked to make a decorative painting of tulips. It's not really something I'm used to doing but I agreed to do it. I struggled with it for few weeks and left it in a corner for days before I continued because I didn't want to look at it.
  Now that it's finished I'm really starting to like it. And it seems I can't realize this too many times; you learn so much soon as you step out of your comfort zone, in this case a subject that I woudnt choose myself.

105cm X 55cm 
acrylic and posca on thin cardboard 



For a long time now I've been making this series of neclaces, bracelets and earrings with quite non cute/feminine themes such as eyebalss, cut fingers and bones. (I use clay that dries in the air, spraypaint and posca markers.)
 I'm still struggling with finding the right techniques and using the right materials for this, but when I reach somekind of perfection that satisfies me, I hope to find some shop which would be down to sell my jewellery.
I've been selling some in fleamarkets but I feel that it's not quite the right place for my stuff.

Anyways, the main reason for this post was to show some pictures of a photosoot where my neclaces were used. 

First a couple of photobooth pics of more detail and later the PROFESSIONAL ones!



Photographer: Cristobal Pereira

Cristobals personal website and blog


good mistake

I found this wooden plate on the street and decided to draw on it. It had somekind of glass/plastic/varnished surface that was a bitch to draw on, but I decided to continue cause the bandana pattern had taken a while to make...

...then I changed the color to turquoise + black lines inside (drew the pattern atleast 3 times)...

...then I tought a drawing of tupac would fit the theme but it turned to be slightly gay looking (no picture) so i tried to get it off with alcohol and some scratching...

...the plastic surface suffered a bit from my lousy attempt to fix it so I got a new idea and decided to leave it like that...

...and voilĂ !

40cm X 80cm posca on varnished wood

Maybe gonna finish it with some varnish on top of it cause you can literally scratch the paint off.

get this blog started. My mexican expo

Last summer, in June 2012 I was surprised by the opportunity to have an exposition at a mexican restaurant Delirious Foodshop in Barcelona.
 I didn't have time to prepare new work for it, so I gathered all my finished (and a couple of unfinished) work for the expo.
 Luckily my stuff somehow randomly fitted the mexican restaurant ambience.
 My work stayed at the restaurant for a month and I had alot of good feedback, which is always my favourite part of having expositions; peoples opinions about my art. Here's a few pics of the event and the drawings. 
The exposition included 9 drawings with mixed techniques on paper and one painting with acrylic and posca on wood.

and the 10 pieces...



I'm a girl from Finland, at the moment I'm living in Barcelona. I try to stay as active as I can with my art projects and feed my creativity trying new things from painting to sculpture/ photography/ serigraphy/ jewellery/ what ever!
I decided it was time to create a blog and start sharing pictures of my creations and share inspiration for other artists or people who are hungry for some colourful eye candy. Enjoy!